Make more Money and Sell online

Need a second income? Third? Fourth? Teaching online and Selling online are two ways for passive income that are rising this year and next In numbers due to Covid. I have three teenagers - Evan (19), Olivia (17), Ava (15) Olivia got a fresh sewing lesson from Gabbi tonight. She and Ava took sewing camps for years and so I bought a new sewing machine for home. She is 17 and wants to create her own clothing line and will make trendy masks. I told her I would set up her store - and Evan wants a store as well, and then Ava. I started writing down everything I knew and suppliers...and decided maybe someone else needs this too! From suppliers, to setup, to marketing and more..I will go thru it all in 3 weeks so you can set up for the Holidays! Whether you are crafty and make your own items - or just want to buy wholesale...this will jumpstart your efforts! You could sell digital products, editing services, products, clothing, really anything! Ava sells her voice doing voiceovers!